Expert Testimonials

Honeywell Corrosion Solutions

Engineering Team Leader Dr. Brian Chambers from Honeywell shares his  experience with Tantaline® treated autoclaves used in highly corrosive sour gas (H2S).

General Atomics

"Where other materials fail between 5 minutes and 50 hours, Tantaline® treated parts have been performing for 9-12 months. We tried every other option out there and they failed prematurely."

Material Selection Resources

Dr. Hira Ahluwalia on the ruggedness and durability of the Tantaline® tantalum surface alloy. "I found this to be very impressive and would recommend this to my clients."


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Technical Publications

Here you can read full, referenced studies and articles discussing the power of the Tantaline® surface alloy. The studies examine the performance of specialty alloys in deep oil well acidizing environments, aggressive H2S environments, surgical implants, and new generation energy processes.


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