Tantaline announces construction of new facility

The factory, which will be built on Ingolf Nielsens Vej, consists of a production area with warehouse, plus changing facilities.
Together with an integrated administration area containing office/meeting rooms, shared office, lunchroom, and toilet facilities the total area will be 1240 m2. This initial expansion will allow an increase of up to three times the current production capacity, there is space to expand further as the need arises.

“With this new opportunity to move closer to the center of Sønderborg and relocate to a brand new, larger facility, Tantaline is assured of a long and prosperous future. It is a pleasure to work with people who have the vision and resources to take Tantaline to the next level. We look forward to welcoming new customers and strategic partners, to help us on our journey.”
Paul Egginton, Operations Manager, Tantaline CVD ApS


For more information, please see Tantaline new factory