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The Technology

Tantaline® Treatment

Tantaline® products consist of a core substrate (typically stainless steel) which is treated in our process to create an extremely rugged, uniform, inert and corrosion resistant tantalum surface.

Corrosion Performance

Tantaline® has proven to be the most reliable material available for hot sulfuric acid corrosion media. The corrosion rate of Tantaline® in sulfuric acid is negligible in any concentration.

Corrosion Properties

Tantalum is a refractory metal with a melting point of 3017°C. It is a tough, ductile metal, which can be formed into almost any shape. It is used in corrosion resistant applications...

Tantaline® vs. Tantalum

Tantalum coatings have been developed in an effort to benefit from the extraordinary acid resistant properties of tantalum metal while reducing the costs compared to...