Tantaline® Surface Treatment

Superior Corrosion Protection

The secret to the Tantaline® solution is its long service life, rapid turn-around, and cost-effective pricing.

The Technology

Tantaline® products consist of a core stainless steel substrate which is treated in our process to create an extremely rugged, uniform, inert, and corrosion resistant tantalum surface. This technology has the capability of producing a very repeatable and consistent finish.

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Our Services

With our innovative tantalum vapor technology, called Tantaline® treatment, we create a tantalum surface alloy on parts including valves, fittings, autoclaves, fasteners, rupture discs, mixers, flowmeters, thermowells, heat exchangers, custom products, and more.

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Markets Served

Tantaline® treatment has gained broad appeal and is utilized in numerous markets because of its unmatched performance. Markets including, Agricultural, New Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Engineering, Food & Pharmaceutical, and Medical to name a few.

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