The Corrosion Chronicle: Fittings

Need to Get the Most Out of Your Fittings?

When systems are exposed to and are in contact with aggressive chemicals that are highly corrosive, standard fittings can become severely corroded putting the entire assembly at higher risk of early failure, resulting in expensive equipment downtime. Tantalum surface layer applied by the proprietary Tantaline® treatment process provides superior corrosion resistance, strength, and leak tightness for extended service life in hot acidic environment. Tantaline® treatment for corrosion resistance is a cost-effective substitute for exotic alloys to achieve long term corrosion resistance and reliable sealing for the various fitting types.

Tantaline® Treated Fittings

Tantaline® Treated OEM Parts: Fittings

Tantaline ® treatment uses high-end Chemical Vapor Deposition techniques to deposit a uniform, diffusion bonded layer of corrosion resistant tantalum onto very intricate shapes and smaller sizes of fittings while maintaining critical tolerances. Tantaline® treated fittings offer better corrosion resistance than austenitic stainless steels which cannot fight stress corrosion, chloride attack, and especially sulfide cracking. The metallurgical properties of the tantalum surface combined with the uniform and conformal CVD layer results in superior acid resistant fittings that have excellent compatibility in most aggressive acids and can be offered with economical pricing and short lead-times.

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How Is Tantaline® Treatment Superior to Other Coating Systems?

Tantaline® surface treatment have been developed to benefit from the extraordinary acid resistant properties of tantalum metal while reducing the costs compared to parts made from solid tantalum. Robust performance for Tantaline® treated parts has been well established during use over the last 15 years in the most challenging applications. This unique chemical vapor deposition (CVD) surface treatment has proven to provide the right balance of performance, lead time, and price across a wide range of industries.

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